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Gain more than you give to Renault Wreckers Rosebud

If you ever face a terrible car accident, one of the most critical thought that arises in your mind is how I am going to pay for this ‘trash’ or what am I supposed to with this totaled car now? Don’t worry about it at all! We, the Renault Wreckers Rosebud is not only here to save your money but give you more in return for your wrecked car. The only condition is, your vehicle should be the Renault Company. Besides that, it doesn’t matter how many kms it has run or what the model is, we are ready to accept the car. Renault Wreckers Rosebud have over 4 yards across Melbourne.

Renault Wreckers Rosebud Car Removals

Why Go For Renault Wreckers Rosebud?

Renault is one of the most well-known automobile manufacturing companies worldwide. Therefore, the demand for the Renault spare parts is quite high in the market. The Renault Wreckers Rosebud doesn’t just give you a scrap price. Instead, we first check the condition of your car, analyze how much useful it is to us, and then set a price for you.

Release Your Tied-Up Cash

Money is a serious concern of the era, and at times we have a hard time getting money. In such a condition, you should try Renault Wreckers Rosebud as we would be of maximum help in case you have your cash tied-up in a junk car.

Qualifying Renault Vehicles

If you are wondering whether we have any specific criteria for your cars, then relax out because there is none. No matter your vehicle belongs to this century or the previous, we will take care of it. We accept both, damaged and non-damaged cars. Any condition and any engine would be acceptable. The further list of vehicles which we happily take is below.

Renault Models:

We Buy All Makes & Model
  • Captur
  • Caravelle
  • Clio
  • Clio RS
  • Dauphine
  • Floride
  • Fluence
  • Fuego
  • Grand Scenic
  • Kangoo
  • Koleos
  • Laguna
  • Latitude
  • Master
  • Megane
  • Megane RS
  • R25
  • R4
  • R8
  • Scenic
  • Trafic
  • Virage

Why Renault Wreckers Rosebud Wants Your Renault Vehicle?

Many customers feel whether it would be as much beneficial for us to get your torn up car or not. Well, technically it can be your trash, but it is our treasure. How? All we do is disassemble your car and analyze how much of it is going to be useful for us. Most of the times, the inner components, and spare parts turn out to be quite helpful since they are in their working condition. For the things which are not in their working situation, we try to refurbish them such as the headlights and tail lights. In this way, we can make the most use out of your car which is why Renault Wreckers Rosebud gives you a reasonable price too. We are honest with our customers, and once we take out everything useful from the vehicle, we merely crush it and sell it as scrap material. 

Dont wait, sell your car, van or trucks instantly & get free of cost towing by Renault Wreckers in Melbourne.

Renault Wreckers Rosebud

Selling Your Renault Is As Easy As ABC

Customer convenience and comfort matters to us the most which are why we have a simple procedure for taking your car in. Call us, schedule an appointment, and get your cash right on the spot.

Just A Ring Away

Our expert consultants are just a ring away. Call us during working hours of the business week, and one of our representatives would be there to assist you. You can get a free quote on the call by providing some of the details regarding your car such as model, engine mileage, and overall condition. Also, you can even get a free quote on a car checkup. All you need to do is to give us a ring and get rid of the thing which is getting rust in your garage.

Schedule An Appointment

Once you feel comfortable and you feel satisfied while dealing with us, you can schedule an appointment for us to pick your car. We work day and night, and we can be at your place as per your decided timings. Our team would pick your vehicle without any hassle once you confirm us the schedules.

Last Step – GET PAID

Yes! Now is the time to get paid for a junk car. Once our team takes your vehicle into custody, you will be spent on the spot without the involvement of any of the banks. As far as the documentation work is concerned, don’t worry because it is all on us. All we would need are your signatures which would confirm your consent and declare that the car is no longer under your name. With such documents, security concerns are resolved.

Note: When you sell your car to us, it is important to take off your registered Number plates with you. You can always go to vicroads for your registration refund. Read more.