Our company always to provide you best car wrecking and dismantling service. Whenever customer sell your car for disposal to our business, they get free car removal service from their place to our collection depot. It means there are no charges or fee applied for towing, collection or pickup.

  • Free Towing
  • Free Pickup
  • Free Removal
  • Free Collection
  • Free Paperwork

We always present these services for your convenience. That is the reason Renault car wreckers Melbourne are the best among our competitors in the business.

Removing Your Renault in Melbourne is Easy

If you have an old car and it is becoming quite clingy to get rid off just dial our number and let Renault car removal service handle the rest. When you call we will give you free booking and decide a day of your choosing and suitability to collect the car. Renault car removal service will arrive at your doorsteps and hand you the cash for your Renault on spot and tow the vehicle away. We deal with all sorts of vehicles, vans, 4wds, trucks or cars. The condition of the vehicle is also not important. The vehicle may be old or new, accidental or damaged. Our company is willing to buy it.

Our Car Removal Service is Free of Cost

Renault car wreckers offers free car pick up service to our customers. Not only do they get free expulsion of their unwanted vehicles but also get paid for giving us the opportunity to be the solution of their vehicles. Renault car removal service deals with most vehicles. Cars, vans, 4wds, or trucks. The condition is also not a problem. We buy the new unplanned and unwanted car you have, the car that has lived through its years and is now dead with no coming back and every condition in between.

When you call us, you get free booking for free pick up service. The day you decide of the pickup, our team will arrive and pay you in cash with free pick up. We are swift and clean. Old Car Removals Melbourne responds at its earliest and if suitable to your schedule makes contact with you in person on the same day.

Why Choose Renault Car Removal Service

Lot of competitors in the same business as us but not quite like us. Renault car removal service the best at what we do. Ranking at the top because of the outstanding trust of our loyal customers. For us customer satisfaction ranks at the top of our priorities. And to ensure customer satisfaction we have experienced team that deals with our customers professionally.

Additionally, we offer free services to our customers making car removals easy and swift. Our services include free evaluation. When you call us, we give you free booking. On the day of pick up our team arrives and evaluates the vehicle for free. Then quotes a price accordingly. Hands you the cash payment and tows away the vehicle for free. Regardless of what your vehicle type is. A car, a van, a truck or 4wds we buy them.

The condition of the vehicle also does not matter. The vehicle may be totaled or accidental or in need of a paint job or perhaps not recoverable at all. Don’t worry as we will still buy it. So without further delays just call the experts and get your car expelled from that garage today!